I moved to Arizona from Maryland and needed to find a foot surgeon, as I had had major foot surgery before I moved. My family doctor recommended Dr. Roeder and so I followed up with him. I stopped by the office, met and talked with Michelle and left with an appointment to see Dr. Roeder. I was very impressed with him. He spent time with me and really listened as I explained my various foot problems. He talked about the various treatment plans available to me and suggested that I initially try a conservative approach to see if that would alleviate my problems. Even though I eventually needed a follow-up surgery, I felt that I had tried all that I could do before I took this route and felt very comfortable with having chosen to do this.

Michelle has always been very courteous to me and has always scheduled me to see Dr. Roeder as soon as possible. If I was having a major issue, she gave Dr. Roeder a message if I couldn't get in right away and then either she or Dr. Roeder called me back with a plan of action.

During my appointments, Dr. Roeder has always listened to me and then explained several different ways of treating my problems - from conservative to cutting edge. I really appreciate his straightforwardness and his knowledge of treatment plans.

If you want a doctor who listens, is knowledgeable and caring and has a super office assistant, then I highly recommend Dr. Roeder and Michelle!

A very satisfied patient - from Maryland to Arizona,