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Your Mesa, AZ Podiatrist - Foot Pain, Prevention and Screening, Common Foot Ailments and Treatment

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Your Mesa, AZ Podiatrist - Foot Pain, Prevention and Screening, Common Foot Ailments and Treatment

Podiatry should be a word in every health conscious persons vocabulary. Just like one goes to the dentist to treat and prevent gum disease and tooth ailments, so should one treat their feet with the same care and foresight. The overall condition that your feet are in could be a key indicator of other troublesome, even serious or life-threatening conditions, down the road. And for those that suffer from diabetes, arthritis, or other musculoskeletal disorders, establishing a regular relationship with a Mesa, AZ podiatrist, to be found at Gilbert Foot Surgeons, for instance, is a necessity.

My Feet Hurt, Why?

The leading culprit of a myriad of foot ailments and injuries, stem from ill fitting shoes. With high heels being a major contributor to the development of fully preventable conditions, including: hammer and mallet toe, Morton's neuroma, bunions, metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis. However, in some cases, prevention just isn't always an option. Such as those acquired via genetic defects, deformities or disease. In fact, recent research shows that genetics may play a key role in some susceptibility to, and direct acquisition of, some of the more common foot disorders such as bone spurs, bunions, flatfeet and arthritis. If certain foot disorders tend to plague your family, it would be a good idea to consult a Mesa, AZ foot doctor to evaluate your foot and preempt any preventable conditions or injuries in the future. Participatory sports enthusiasts are also at risk for a number of ailments. With athletes being particularly prone to stress and impact related injuries, particularly from the knee down, with foot and ankle problems being most prevalent. And although all sport and activity related injuries can't be prevented, a great deal of them can be with proactive care by a Mesa, AZ foot doctor. And for particularly troublesome post trauma injuries or wounds, it is highly recommended that regular visits with a Mesa, AZ wound doctor be put into action for maximum rehabilitation.

Prevention and Screening

Establishing a regular program of foot care checkups with a Mesa, AZ podiatrist can go a long way in terms of preventative medicine. A Mesa, AZ podiatrist can asses the changes in your feet through routine examination, or even read the condition of your shoes to detect any abnormalities in gate or other indicators that something is amiss and threatening your overall foot health. Additionally, a Mesa, AZ orthopedist can evaluate your lifestyle, foot care and shoe wear habits to get a clearer picture of any health hazards that need corrective action. A thorough examination of your feet could even warn of other impending illnesses or dangers to your well-being. Take the following symptoms, for instance:

  • Painful swelling in the ankles and feet could signal the onset of hypertension, high blood pressure, even disease of the kidney or heart.

  • Numbness or tingling sensations could suggest diabetes.

  • Painful, acute, or chronic joint stiffness could mean arthritis.

Special Foot Care Needs

Diabetes Management: Establishing preventative treatment and primary care with Mesa, AZ podiatrist is highly advisable for those suffering diabetes, with the normal outpatient visits being 5-6 times a year. Doing so, can catch foot complications early enough to prevent amputation. Overall, a Mesa, AZ orthopedist or other Mesa, AZ podiatry specialist should be part of any successful diabetes management team.

Wound Care: For ongoing or chronic treatment of foot wounds created by acute trauma such a that associated with sudden breaks or fractures, regular evaluation by a Mesa, AZ foot doctor or Mesa, AZ wound doctor is recommended. Sometimes breaks and fractures don't heal properly or become more problematic with the onset of other conditions or pre-existing ones that effect circulation and mobility. Seeing a Mesa, AZ podiatry specialist with an emphasis on recovery, or Mesa, AZ wound doctor, could dramatically improve the quality of life for someone that may need extra care and management to optimize conditions for full recovery.

Upon Closer Examination: Common Foot Ailments

  • Hammertoe and mallet toe - Although largely preventable, this condition is usually self imposed when shoes worn create unnatural bending that forces toes into positions that create injurious amounts of stress and pressure upon toe joints. Consequently, this tends to lead to the need for customized footwear and or shoe inserts at a minimum, and potential surgery by a Mesa, AZ foot surgeon, for instance, to correct the condition and grant long-term relief, at a maximum.

  • Flatfeet - When an archless foot enables the entire soul of the foot to touch the ground. This condition is usually painless, but tends to be a precursor to other pain inducing conditions starting in the feet and extending to the knees. Although flatfeet in themselves don't constrain the overall activity of the feet, the general lack of arch support is the culprit, and can even alter leg alignment. Subsequent effects may include abnormal stress and pressure upon other joints. In some cases, flatfeet is age related, due to normal wear-and-tear, or develops after an injury. In other cases, the arches just don't develop properly prior to adulthood. Consulting a Mesa, AZ foot doctor, before complications ensue, could prevent involved treatment later on.

  • Plantar Fasciitis - Among the most common contributors to heal pain. The culprit being the thick connective tissue that attaches toes to your heel bone, rendering foot pain when weight bearing. Those at risk of developing this condition include, wearers of ill-fitting shoes, people that are obese, pregnant women and anyone that engages in high impact activity such as running and jogging. Recovery time may be lengthy, running close to a year, with no one solution suitable for every person suffering from it. Although nonsurgical treatments to relieve heel pain are as high as 95%, a small number may find more lasting results under the care of a Mesa, AZ foot surgeon. A Mesa, AZ wound doctor may also be in order for those experiencing temporary relief with nonsurgical implements. On and off types of pain, especially the types that plague athletes, could be indicative of an old wound that isn't able to recover, or other related health issues.

  • Metatarsalgia - Pain and inflammation of the ball of the foot, common in wearers of poor fitting shoes with insufficient arch support and shock-absorption. Treatment isn't usually dire, as staying off of the feet for a time and icing the affected area is effective, in may cases. However, if left untreated, it could lead to chronic pain. A Mesa, AZ podiatry specialist can prescribe and customize appropriate arch support and insoles to prevent further problems.

  • Corns and Calluses - Unsightly patches of hard, thick flesh, this is the skins natural defense against excessive friction and pressure. Although this condition isn't usually a problem, sufferers from diabetes or circulatory disorders may experience other health complications that pose specific risks to health and well-being. Eliminating the source and cause of the friction will effectively reduce and rid feet of this condition.

  • Bunions or bunionettes - This painful condition is associated with wearing shoes that are too tight, or have unusual toe boxes that crowd toes together. The foots preferred bone structure tends to overcompensate for this intrusion by creating an abnormal growth at the base of the toe joint, usually the big toe, enlarging it and giving it more room. In turn, this enlargement crowds out the rest of the toes, potentially creating a chain reaction, with the other toes, over time, doing the same. Some people have a propensity for this condition through arthritis, or via an inherited defect. Some modes of relief, include: wearing appropriate shoes, artificial implements like shoe inserts, tape and foot pads that coax the foot back into a normal position, and medications or injectables. But for permanent relief, an appointment with a Mesa, AZ foot surgeon for consultation and subsequent surgery, is usually the only solution.

  • Morton's Neuroma - Linked with high-heeled shoe wearing, relief may be as simple as switching to flats with roomy toe boxes, ideal for a normal foot profile. This condition involves a callousing of the skin around nerves that effect the toes and feels like there is something in your shoe. The sensation ranges from sharp pain and stinging to burning or numbness. For relief, there are corticosteroid injections to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation, or even surgery. Best to consult with an Mesa, AZ orthopedist to determine the best course of action for your needs.

  • Bone Spurs - Is usually associated with wear-and-tear damage associated with osteoarthritis and is often times painful. Localized inflammation caused by generative arthritis or tendinitis is also common among sufferers of bone spurs. For post recovery issues, seeing a Mesa, AZ wound care specialist would be a good start. Learning to care for musculoskeletal disorders in a way that maximizes recovery, with preventative measures is a good defense against contracting preventable conditions later on that may only be resolved by a Mesa, AZ foot surgeon. Bone spurs are the bodies natural response to arthritic breakdown of cartilage. The extra bone mass is intended to compensate for the loss of cartilage and the threat to the integrity of the bone.
  • As long as people take to treading, foot issues will continue to arise. A Mesa, AZ orthopedist can help with that. They are an integral part of an effective diabetes management program and could even asses your propensity for other health risks, even life-threatening ones. If you are among the many suffers of foot pain, a Mesa, AZ podiatry specialist can help you achieve happy, healthy feet. And for post trauma injuries to the foot, a Mesa, AZ wound care specialist may be your best bet for optimal recovery. Let help you find the relief you deserve.

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