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Mesa, AZ Foot Doctor

Brett Roeder is a Mesa Arizona foot doctor and foot surgeon. Dr. Roeder serves patients from Banner Gateway and Mercy Gilbert medical center in Arizona and is an East Valley foot doctor and Orthopedic Surgeon who treats a range of patients seeking a podiatry practitioner.

Ingrown Nails

Some of the problems treated ingrown nail result in swelling around the area of the ingrown nail as well. There are many reasons that a person may end up with an ingrown nail. Ingrown nails are common and can be very painful. Ingrown nails may also include infection of the toe. Sometimes a person has ingrown toenails repeatedly as a recurring problem. Infection may also accompany an ingrown nail. Redness may be present at times when an individual has an ingrown nail. An ingrown nail may include a nail growing into the skin which is very painful.

Heel Spurs and Planter Fasciitis

Heel spurs affect both men and women and can affect all age groups. Inflammation and irritation accompany heel spurs. Plantar fasciitis is often found together with heel spurs. Planter fasciitis is a cause that is common regarding heel pain. The tissue that goes across the bottom of your foot is inflamed when you have planter fasciitis. Mesa foot doctor specializes in care of the lower leg. Stabbing pain may accompany planter fasciitis. After you have stood for a long time or sat for a long time and then try to get up you may experience quite a bit of pain if you have planter fasciitis. Mesa foot doctor has a podiatrist medicine degree. Pregnant women end up with planter fasciitis sometimes. Mesa foot doctor is podiatrist. Runners, joggers and people who run marathons end up with planter fasciitis on a common basis.

As a Mesa, AZ foot doctor Dr. Roeder can diagnose and treat a patient complaining of heel pain and is the one to call for foot fractures. As an ankle surgeon caring for patients in the East Valley, Dr. Roeder specializes in care of the foot and is highly trained to treat the musculoskeletal system. X-rays may be taken to determine what method of treatment should be followed with regard to a patient who has a heel spur. Someone who is overweight may end up with planter fasciitis. Stress that is significant is placed on the plantar fascia and sometimes this leads to heel spurs.

Mesa AZ Foot Doctor, Banner Gateway, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center

Dr. Roeder is a board certified surgeon at that performs foot surgery as well with patients out of both Mercy Gilbert medical center and Banner Gateway. Specializing in care of the ankle as an ankle surgeon, services are provided to both the Banner gateway location in Mesa and the Mercy Gilbert medical center in Gilbert Arizona.

Dr. Roeder is a foot doctor that specializes in foot problems and the treatment of ankle disorders. Patients in Chandler or Tempe seeking a foot doctor or podiatrist are also served. As a podiatrist practicing in Phoenix Arizona and having gone to podiatry school and being board certified, this Mesa Arizona foot doctor knows how to treat both foot and ankle disorders expertly. As a surgeon who performs ankle surgery and serves banner gateway, this Mesa Arizona foot doctor is the one to call for ankle fractures. As an East valley foot doctor who performs orthopedic surgery at Banner Gateway or at Gilbert medical center, Dr. Roeder can treat fractured ankles.

As a highly trained Doctor in treating foot disorders, Dr. Roeder can diagnose foot problems. If you have problems with your feet, call this Mesa, AZ foot doctor. Your problem regarding your foot or ankle will be diagnosed and treated by this podiatrist providing expert surgical foot care.

Dr. Roeder treates many common foot conditions as a foot doctor such as warts or bunions. He is also an orthopedic surgeon who works on patients who live in all the east valley cities such as Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Chandler and Tempe.

Dr. Roeder is a foot doctor that will provide medical attention for puncture wounds located on the foot. Conveniently serving Mesa, AZ as a foot doctor as well, sports injuries related to the foot or ankle are also treated. This Mesa, Arizona foot doctor treats warts, bunions, and knows what to do for fallen arches. Numb feet should be seen by a podiatrist and treated. Foot odor problems are treated by mesa foot doctor. If you are having trouble with the way your feet smell it is time to contact a foot doctor. Mesa foot doctor will know what the remedy is for sore and tired and smelly feet. Foot and ankle fractures as well as sports related injuried need professional medical treatment such as from a foot doctor. Dr. Roeder treats injuries in Mesa, AZ resulting from sports.

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