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Gilbert, AZ Foot Doctor

Dr. Brett Roeder is a Gilbert Arizona foot doctor at Banner Surgicenter and a Banner Good Samaritan Podiatrist. As a foot doctor and podiatrist we speacialize in treating patients who live in Gilbert, AZ at Banner Good Samaritan and Banner Surgicenter for foot fractures and foot injuries. We also provice Mesa Arizona, and Chandler Arizona orthopedic surgeons at the Banner surgicenter. For Gilbert and Mesa Arizona residents, we offer services and restorative treatements at Mesa Banner Good Samaritan and banner good Samaritan.

A Gilbert Arizona Foot Doctor that treats Diabetes

Diabetes needs to be monitored and may lead to serious foot conditions. Diabetes is a disease concerning insulin levels in your blood being too low or too high. A diabetic foot is something that people with diabetes need to be aware of. If an individual has diabetes they should check their feet on a daily basis. Someone with diabetes may have a diabetic foot and needs to look for bruises or redness. A diabetic foot may be susceptible to blisters and nail problems. With the common type of diabetes which is type 2 your body does not make insulin well and your blood remains full of glucose. A Gilbert trauma doctor and orthopedic surgeon can help you with your diabetic foot problem.

Gilbert Arizona Foot Doctor that treats sports injuries

As a sports injuries specialist and orthopedic surgeon, our Gilbert Arizona foot doctor treats all sports-related for your feet. Sports medicine injury rehabilitation is what our Gilbert orthopedic surgeon specializes in. Managing sports injuries resulting from ligament tears or having a broken tibia or an ankle fracture are all part of the conditions we treat. If you have an ankle fracture, the fibula may be broken or damaged and cause an ankles roll out or ankles roll resulting in the ankle fracture. This can also happen for other sports and we treat: skiing injuries, biking injuries, swimming injuries, tennis injuries, football injuries, wrestling injuries, swimming injuries, hiking injuries, and many other sports related injuries such as baseball or golf as a Gilbert Arizona orthopedic surgeon. We provide services for the Phoenix Metro are at East valley banner and good Samaritan.

Gilbert Arizona Foot Doctor providing treatement for ankle fractures

Ankle fracture can vary from severe to not very serious. If an ankle fracture is severe then the ankle bone may be shattered. As a Gilbert orthopedic surgeon providing orthopedic services at Banner Good Samaritan we treat broken ankle or ankle fractures for Gilbert Arizona. We can treat everything from a broken foot or foot fracture to torn muscles and ankle fractures involving a partial break or a complete break in the ankle bone.

Our Service Locations and Qualifications

As a board certified orthopedic surgeon we operate or treat foot conditions at a variety of locations: Banner Surgicenter, Banner Good Samaritan If you are looking for a Banner Surgicenter or Banner Good Samaritan foot doctor then you have found us; we treat all East Valley patients from Chandler Arizona to Tempe Arizona patients here and are experts in treating fractures and broken bones in the foot and ankle as orthopedic surgeons.

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